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Title: Indie Gala
Post by: number six on February 06, 2018, 12:42:09 AM (

This site popped up on slickdeals.. I guess its like a low-rent Humble Bundle.. but given that Humble Bundle has been a lot of books and crap recently it doesn't hurt to have an extra site to check.

Right now they have a flash deal on the Leisure Suit Larry games.. you get all of them from the Classics (yay!) through Magna Cum Loudly (boo!) for $4.

[Edit: looks like the $4 deal ended but it's now back at $4.99.. so still very much worth it.]

This is particularly good because I haven't seen a LSL bundle on Humble before.. I believe the rights are owned by a separate company which usually keeps them out of the deals.
Title: Re: Indie Gala
Post by: Geeklite on February 06, 2018, 08:27:46 AM
Thanks for posting this

Title: Re: Indie Gala
Post by: Niloc on February 06, 2018, 12:24:54 PM
Cool. Always good to have more deal sites.

I've been plowing through my Steam library lately, trying to find a game that grabs me. Started "How to Survive 2" but didn't care for the base/camp building stuff. Went back to How to Survive 1, which I had started to get into just before Fallout 4 came out, but then, well Fallout 4 came out...

Still seems like a decent game but my save was gone for some reason (I'm kind of baffled since I haven't reformatted since then, and I think it's supposed to have cloud saves too - maybe old saves aren't compatible with the current version) so that's kind of putting me off that one as well.

What I really want is just another Bethesda-style open world RPG - the next Elder Scrolls game, or maybe another Fallout: New Vegas, where they farm it out to another developer. I'm surprised they didn't do that again with Fallout 4, and it seems like they're still holding out hope that Elder Scrolls Online is somehow going to be a thing rather than making another single-player game in the series. Best I can tell, no one wants Elder Scrolls Online (I sure don't) - everyone wants Skyrim 2.