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Re: WTB: Pokemon Cards
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Hi Timothy,

I agree that it can be very frustrating at times and so rewarding. The kids come to you with all of the damage and bad habits that they learned from their "Parents". I reached out to the group as I know nothing about Pokemon. My "Son" is trying to teach me, but giving the pinch of time, I felt that I could find some experts on the board and I did. Thank you again!

Most of the other stuff the kids (we have a 10 year old boy and a 22 month old girl now) want, we have been able to buy. It is so sweet to see the kids live a more "normal" life.

We took them to Disney this past week for 4 days and it was amazing to see the transformation from independent little folks to just being happy, amazed and happy kids. It is funny, but the 10 year old boy actually is not sure if Santa is real or not. His friends at school have told him that Santa is not real, but I can tell that he is hopeful that Santa gets him the Nintendo Switch that he wants. I think Santa is going to come through for the little man. He is a great kid and has all A's and B's in school. Given the PTSD that he deals with, he is really an amazing and resilient kid.

Anyway, I hope that you get to help out some kids in the future as well. I can see a change in him already!

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