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For Sale Epson 2030 1080P 3D projector
« on: November 16, 2017, 09:59:17 AM »
Hello All,

 Selling my barely used Epson 2030 1080P 3D projector. I bought this brand new and it only gets used when we watch a movie or major sporting events. We have a dedicated movie room and this is where its being housed. See attached pics.

 No issues. Clean picture. We have Directv as the source and its pristine as a super bright and no pixelization.

 This also includes a pull down 16:1 wide screen. I believe its 95 inches measured diagonally. I paid around $1,000.00 a couple years ago for the projector and screen.

- Projector
- Wide screen
- remote
- paperwork
- 2 pairs of Samsung RF 3D glasses.

Asking $650.00 cash/paypal. If need be I can deliver to Free Play Florida on Saturday or Sunday. This is still hooked up and installed in my home so it would need to be taken down (not an issue). I have it mounted to the ceiling.

Up to 3x Brighter Colors and reliable performance — 3LCD, 3-chip technology*
One measurement of brightness is not enough — look for both high color brightness and high white brightness.
The PowerLite Home Cinema 2030 has:
Color Brightness: 2000 lumens1
White Brightness: 2000 lumens1
High-definition, 1080p, widescreen performance — for movies, games and more — up to 300" on virtually any wall or screen
Exciting 2D and 3D adventures — delivers eye-popping 3D entertainment at home with RF 3D glasses (sold separately)
Versatile connectivity — two HDMI ports, including one MHL, and more for all of your favorite HD devices
Easy image adjustments — position your projector almost anywhere. Epson projectors automatically correct images vertically. And, for horizontal image correction, use the easy-slide control bar to make the necessary adjustments.
Built-in color modes — choose from one of four special color modes optimized for different content and settings. Whether playing video games in the man cave or watching TV programs in the living room, you'll get the best possible quality and color.
High-quality, HD video in a snap with two HDMI ports — HDMI connectivity makes it easy to use receivers, Blu-ray® players, game consoles, Apple® iPads, Apple TVs and more.
MHL — the latest in connectivity2 — Turn your projector into a smart display with instant access to movies, games and more: Works with MHL-enabled smartphones and tablets; Use the projector remote to control MHL-enabled devices; supports Full HD 1080p video and 7.1 audio; and simultaneously charge your MHL-enabled devicewhen it's plugged into the projector

Seperately Im also selling.

Im also selling a refurbished ONKYO TX-NR747 receiver (Atmos, DTS-X, 4k, 3D passthru). Asking $150.00. Has a Thermal Error that displays on the receiver screen on start up, but no issues other than this displays for about 10 secounds, but plays great. this is a 7.2 surround sound receiver. I noticed this after the latest firmware update. Not sure on this error. No warranty expired in October (last month).

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Re: For Sale Epson 2030 1080P 3D projector
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2017, 09:24:14 AM »
I have two seperate ads for Epson projector and Onkyo receiver. Projector is still mounted to my ceiling and Pull down screen is mounted to the wall. So It will be demo'd before purchase and I will remove it upon payment.

I posted the following as a package deal on the Onkyo ad. See below.

On a side note I have a Epson 2030 1080P 3D projector Im selling so if anyone is interested I will make a deal on all 4 items. I was asking $650.00 for the projector and screen.

For $800.00 cash/paypal Ill include everything below. Youll just need your own speakers. Everything below 4 items. Im sure Ive got some HDMI cables as well Ill throw in to sweetin the deal.  ;D

Epson 2030 Projector
Pull down widescreen
Onkyo receiver
Apple TV with remote.
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