Author Topic: Areosmith/Stern games looking bare.  (Read 590 times)

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Re: Areosmith/Stern games looking bare.
« Reply #15 on: January 09, 2018, 05:41:02 PM »
i agree.  to my layout is the most important.  once it is built you cant change it.  code can be changed easily.
Lots of good points being made, I personally won’t buy without playing many games on any Pin. I love Aerosmith, love the feel of Game of Thrones, even Walking Dead has earned my appreciation after more plays and recent code update.
Let’s be real though. Back in the day, the game had to stand on its own. No code updates, no call outs, same rule set game after game. Have we gotten so used to the toys, ramps, and voice taunts that we expect every theme to blow us away?
As for price, any business is going to get what they can get to sell what they can produce. If “we “ pay, (or not) will show them if next one goes up or down.
Also, Jersey Jack and others prices are up there too. Seems to me the game values are pretty stable

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Re: Areosmith/Stern games looking bare.
« Reply #16 on: January 10, 2018, 10:24:07 AM »
I'm Speechless! good reading though!
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