Author Topic: IFPA tournament at Little Shop of Games (Lutz) - Thursday July 12th  (Read 412 times)

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The monthly IFPA pinball tournament at Little Shop of Games is coming up this Thursday.  Come get some points, play the latest Stern pinballs and potentially win some $$.

Little Shop of Games
1904 Oak Grove Blvd (11.45 mi)
Lutz, Florida 33559
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Re: IFPA tournament at Little Shop of Games (Lutz) - Thursday July 12th
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We have Iron Maiden Premium on the showroom floor ready for you to experience. Practice starts at 6p and Tourney starts at 7p. $10 to participate and Free to watch. Come “Flip Out" with us!
Little Shop Of Games
Show Room and Parts Store
1904 Oak Grove Blvd, Lutz, FL 33559
Store: 813-944-4900 | Cell: 813-951-1602
Monday-Saturday 12 - 6p