Author Topic: Moving Sale - Monitors in Pensacola area (Navarre) cheap / free + more!  (Read 156 times)

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Going below market prices, but I need these gone. I'll be out of town until Saturday 8/12 but I might could have my neighbor let you in. Located in Navarre. But NEED GONE ON SATURDAY 8/18!
My company got me a moving truck and movers, but I couldn't fit all my stuff, and I need the remaining items I can't fit in my car and my dad's truck GONE!

Recapped 19" K7000 crt arcade monitor - $70 ***TENTATIVELY SOLD)***

Recapped 29" cga flat tube crt arcade monitor - $100 ( M# 1127CH288 Neiman Displays) - good picture, probably needs geometry adjust as these flat tubes often do

52" Sony lcd TV (2010 model) + tv stand - $150
Also have A couple end tables, and a futon couch (missing mattress part), and a coffee table - FREE

Wei ya 29" flat tri sync crt arcade monitors (not working, but complete) - FREE

WG d9400 tri sync arcade monitor (not working, complete) FREE

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