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OK.  So my plan was to catalog and photograph everything and then list it here first.  The amount of pressure to get the stuff listed from my wife was mounting quite a bit.  So it's a bit in reverse.  Anyway, here's what's left after a week and I had a chance to get some breathing room.  I'm pretty sure everything in here allows for making an offer.  If something doesn't let me know and I'll fix it in the listing.  Almost all of these are Buy Now or Best Offer.  A few of them are regular auctions that also have a Make Offer option, but I might need to tweak those settings in the listing as mentioned above.  If you are interested in something or a few things, let me know and we can likely make a deal.  All prices listed are what is on eBay.  If you would like to make a reasonable offer, PM me.

And I'll be adding one more soon (Panzer Dragoon II Zwei).  It has a "Movie Gallery" decal on the disc and the manual is not perfect.  Otherwise, it plays great and is complete.

3DO Love Bites Complete -  $65.00
3DO Super Street Fighter II COMPLETE with Capcom Controller -  $75.00
Atari 5200 Games Lot COMPLETE with Boxes -  $65.00
Sega Dreamcast Broadband Adapter COMPLETE in Box.  Like New -  $200.00
Sega Dreamcast Bleem!cast Metal Gear Solid Bundle NEW -  $25.00
Sega Dreamcast Controller With Tremor Pack COMPLETE in Boxes and Extension Cord -  $25.00
Sega Dreamcast Controller With Tremor Pack COMPLETE in Boxes and Extension Cord -  $25.00
Sega Dreamcast Controller With Tremor Pack COMPLETE in Boxes and Extension Cord -  $25.00
Sega Dreamcast Fishing Controllers and Games CIB COMPLETE -  $70.00
Sega Dreamcast SegaNet Planet Web Browser 2.62 -  $50.00
Sega Dreamcast Skies of Arcadia COMPLETE Like New! -  $90.00
Sega Dreamcast Rally Wheel -  $80.00
Sega Megadrive Genesis Lot Castle of Illusion, Sagaia Darius II Japanese Import -  $60.00
Sega Genesis with Games!  With Complete Boxed Sports Games + Extra Controller -  $50.00
Atari Jaguar Tempest 2000 COMPLETE In Box -  $65.00
Atari Jaguar Iron Soldier Brand New in Box SEALED -  $35.00
NES Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back COMPLETE in Box! -  $40.00
Sony Playstation Dual Shock + extra Systems, games, box, moreā€¦ -  $100.00
Sony Playstation 2 Gran Tourismo 3 Bundle COMPLETE + Games, and more -  $250.00
Logitech Driving Force Pro Force Feedback Wheel for Gran Tourismo 4 -  $100.00
Sega CD Lethal Enforcers With light gun COMPLETE in box, Mint! -  $80.00
Sega CD MegaCD Silpheed + Datel Pro CDX COMPLETE in boxes -  $100.00
Sega CD Night Trap COMPLETE in Box Dana Plato -  $69.00
Sega CD Sonic CD + Official Soundtrack COMPLETE in Boxes Mint! -  $100.00
Sega 5-outlet Power Strip  SEGA-1933 Surge Protector -  $150.00
Sega SG1000 Monaco GP SG-1000 Mint in Box -  $30.00
Sega Master System Shinobi Brand New in Box BNIB Factory SEALED -  $100.00
Sega Saturn Nights Into Dreams With Controller COMPLETE in Box! -  $100.00
TurboGrafx PC Engine CD Prince of Persia -  $65.00
TurboGrafx 16 CD Last Alert -  $100.00
NEC TurboGrafx-16 Complete in Box + Games, TurboTap, TurboPads, TurboStick, and more -  $500.00
NEC TurboGrafx-16 CD console with Case and games -  $700.00
NEC TurboGrafx-16 TurboBooster + cables -  $100.00
Magic Hat #9 Tap Handle, Copper -  $10.00
Nintendo Wii Bundle COMPLETE + Games and more -  $150.00
Microsoft Xbox system + games, Controllers and more -  $100.00

This has been a very long journey to get here.  Please look at the eBay listings for all the pics and descriptions.  If you want additional pics or other info, you can ask me here.  if I have more pics already, I'll post them.  Everything is already boxed up and ready to ship.  So taking new pics is not always that easy.


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Thanks.  I'm not normally an eBay seller.  So I'm clueless to all of those convenience things they offer.

Thanks for posting that single link.