Author Topic: Pinball Tourneys: The Joys of Others Succeeding  (Read 78 times)

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Pinball Tourneys: The Joys of Others Succeeding
« on: October 07, 2018, 10:21:36 AM »
Today’s topic is a little different.

It’s not about a specific long-term tourney strategy, or about short range tactics of what to do in a game specific situation.

It’s about competing and the joys of watching others succeed.

Due to family situations and a heavy work load, I really have not been as active competitively this year as I have been in the past years.  Still, I like to keep track of tourneys and IFPA standings and post in the various online groups about competitive pinball in our state. 

What I have been observing in 2018 is an astounding explosion of new tourneys, new locations, new faces and more importantly, new names on the SCS list.

I’ve been flying the flag of how to increase TPG, maximize WPPR points, and how to get new players involved and excited about pinball.  I am seeing that effort pay off for our state and watching the smiles on new players winning and placing in the final 4 at events.  That makes me extremely happy.   

Just 5-6 years ago, there were only a handful of IFPA events in Florida, mostly at shows and one or two private locations.  Naturally, the same players would show, and the same people would generally qualify and win, with some shifting of names/order tourney to tourney.

Now, with so many events happening in the state, (almost 100!) there are numerous opportunities for others to win and with the player strength increasing across the board, different people are naturally going to start shining. Sure we all want to win, (nobody competes in hopes of losing), but if the same players show up at every event and qualify and win *every single time*, that really is not very fun for the scene in the long run.

This month it is expected Florida will join the Super State status for the SCS.  What that means is that there will now be 24 players competing this coming January for the coveted IFPA Florida State Championship title. 

Currently, a young up-and-coming player is dominating the scene and leads the rankings. There are 3 women in the top 24, with 2 more women close in the chase. There are several names on the SCS list who are experiencing their first shot at being invited to the dance.

As we enter into Q4 of the SCS season, there are still about 30 tourneys scheduled for the year, and a lot can happen particularly with the WPPR heavy FPF happening in about a month.  Who knows what will happen when the dust settles and the year closes, but it sure is exciting to watch!

If you’d like to get involved at a shot at the IFPA Florida State Pinball Championship title, visit

It’s more fun to compete!
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